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About Harry


  Hello constituents of the 22nd district of Texas! I am Harry Bowers, a hard working, tax paying citizen of Pearland, which I have called home for the past 28 years. I live in Pearland with my beautiful wife Olga, and I have 3 wonderful children, Ethan, Courtney and Athena. I work as a registered nurse in Intensive Care, taking care of those unfortunate souls who are critically ill on a daily basis. I was born and raised in southeast Houston and Pearland where I have lived for most of my life. My family has strong community service ties, with my father having retired from the United States Air Force and Houston Police Department and my son Ethan working as a volunteer fireman for the Pearland Fire Department, and as a RN, I am a first responder. My family's law enforcement background has shaped me into the man I am today, which is a fiscal and constitutional conservative with strong Christian values.


I have always been a strong Republican Party supporter. Lately the state of politics in our country has been very disconcerting to me. Our country has changed so much from what it was during my childhood. Some of these changes admittedly are for the better, however the majority of them are worse, as most Americans would agree. The state of current politics is one of the biggest concerns in my opinion. Americans used to elect average citizens to represent our country. Congress at it's inception was meant to the representation of the people by the people, as it states in the Constitution. Essentially, the Senate was originally designed to represent the upper class, while Congress was the body that would represent average Americans. Unfortunately, we have allowed career politicians to control both houses, while average Americans have virtually no say-so in government affairs. I feel that the only laws our current congressman has passed are ones that benefits the wealthy and huge corporations. Our current congressman Mr. Pete Olson, is the definition of a career politician. He is a millionaire that has spent more years in Washington DC than in the town he call "home", In fact, he only moved back to Texas six months before running for office. Since being elected to Congress, Mr. Olson has not pushed through any meaningful legislation during his time in office. Since our political system does not currently have term limits, I would like to be this career politician's personal term limit.

Committee to Elect Harry Bowers
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