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Immigration is especially important in Texas. We currently have an immigration system that frankly needs a complete overhaul. People stream across our boarders as if they do not exist. Border security is a matter of national importance! My wife is an immigrant. We have spent a great deal of time and money getting her into the country LEGALLY. My plan would be a very strict process for the initial visa for entry into the country. We must make sure that every individual that immigrates does not have a criminal record or ties to terrorist organizations. Once a person has passed this process we need to streamline the process of making them legal citizens of this country. The process should not be so difficult that it’s easier to just live here illegally. I am intimately familiar with the immigration process and I feel there are many steps in the process that can be cleaned up to make the process more efficient.


I feel that healthcare is another issue concerning Americans today. The Republican Party had a golden opportunity to do as promised and repeal Obamacare, but they let this opportunity slip past them. They brought to the house floor a bill that was no better than the one that currently exist. The bill they brought forward would not have brought relief to the Americans that have seen premiums double or triple. Their bill would allow insurance companies to charge seniors as much as five times more than younger citizens. In my opinion, politicians have no business attempting to write a healthcare bill. the only experience politicians have is a very luxurious insurance plan which is paid for by tax payers. I feel the only way to have a plan suitable for all Americans is to form an ad hoc committee made up of insurance executives, doctors, and patients. The plan should incorporate a la carte options so the insured can purchase only the parts that they actually need. Only the basic parts of the plan should be mandatory, and the penalties should be eliminated as well. This is a process that will likely take longer than "the first 100 days in office" to accomplish.  I would rather spend the extra time and do the job right than rush out a hastily constructed product that will ultimately fail.


Economy/Jobs- Our country has the best economic system in history. That system works best when the government limit its role in it. The lower and middle class saw its best growth from 1950 – 1970. This is known as the golden age of capitalism. There were bigger tax cuts and more job creation for the two classes during this time. The way to great economic growth once again is through lower and middle class. Job creation is key to growth. If more people are working there is less use of government programs. More people are paying taxes which leads to less government spending. These also means the government barrows less money. We need a greater push to get lower and middle class attending college. With more Americans receiving a higher education. We will see greater advancements in medical and technology sectors. These areas have always been great avenues to boost the economy, and advance the lower classes to greater wealth.


Education is one of the most important topics of our nation. Internationally the United States has fallen from one of the best educated nations to mediocre at best. Common core is a disaster that needs to end. People learn in several different ways. To have one way to educate our kids is a flawed way of thinking. Our kids are no longer learning fundamental skills to prepare them to be a productive adult. They only learn how to take test. This practice has left a new generation defenseless against the real world. Freedom of education choice should not be reserved for only the rich.


I have a very detailed knowledge of the human body from my nursing education. One thing I know with 100% certainty life begins at conception. Abortion is not a form of birth control. I believe it should only be used in very specific situations. If a mother’s life is in danger is such a situation. There is no situation where abortion should be paid for with tax dollars. The loopholes that have been exploited by Obamacare need to be closed.


We have an abundance of natural resources in this country. Domestic production of these resources is the way to energy independence. For too long the government has made the United States dependent on resources from the middle east. This is strictly about money and power. With regulations on production within our country growth in this sector is not feasible. Allowing growth of domestic production will led to energy independence as well as more job creation.


The right to bear arms that is protected by our constitution. Our fore fathers had just fought a war for our independence. They ensured this fundamental right for our great nation. I believe this is one of the most important rights grant us under our constitution. I will always defend and protect this right without hesitation.


Marriage is between a man and a woman.


All the freedoms and liberties we enjoy are due to the great men and women of our armed forces. These men and women deserve more than we could ever give them. I have spoken with several of my friends that are veterans. The VA hospital system is overrun with bureaucracy red tape. It is embarrassing to see how our heroes are treated. This must be fixed!


Our country was founded on the primus that the states handle their affairs with as little federal involvement as possible. The people of the great state of Texas know how we want to live better than the federal government does. The purpose of the federal government is to ensure a fair playing field for all Americans. It is not to tell us how to live our lives.

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